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The Lads take a THIRD Design Award in Hertfordshire

The Lads' Newsletter
For the first time since January, all four VRC teams from St Helena School competed side by side at the same tournament. The Lads and co made the trip to John Warner School in Hertfordshire on Saturday 26 March - and returned with two trophies!

One Event, Two Trophies
St Helena Robotics
All four @StHelenaSchool #VEXRobotics teams have made it to John Warner School and are ready to compete in today's tournament!
All of St Helena School’s VRC challengers, teams 8346A-through-D, took a trip to John Warner School to go head to head with each other and other teams across the region for spots at the 2022 UK National Championship.
We, The Lads, have already qualified for the event, and took this day as the opportunity to continue refining our robot, strategy, and skills. We were able to identify areas of continuing improvement to target in the coming weeks.
Notably, there were improvements for us in the Robot Skills Challenge - we were up one place from last weekend to now finish second. A few unfortunate driver runs limited us from taking top spot, but we’ll come back better than ever next time round.
Teo from 8346C was presented with the Judges Award, a means of special recognition from an event’s panel of judges. This accolade considers what a team is able to take from the VRC programme off the field as well as relating their performance on the field to prior experience.
We once again took the Design Award, the third in our collection of such, for our comprehensive engineering notebook and slick interview with the judges. At every event where the award is offered, teams are required to impress a panel of judges and prove their knowledge..
With the 2022 UK National Championship coming up soon after the end of the Easter holidays, we hope to be strong contenders for a Design or Excellence Award there. That, and we’ll also be continuing to upgrade our robot for a shot at becoming national tournament champions.
We have a few major improvements in line for our bot that we hope will take us to the next level to rise above the competition. Of course, this will all be put to the test when we take to the field this April.
Judges Award, presented to 8346C - Design Award, presented to 8346A
Judges Award, presented to 8346C - Design Award, presented to 8346A
Help Us Represent the UK
Fundraiser by Seb Jensen : Help The Lads represent the UK at VEX Worlds
And not long after the national championship is the 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship. Of course, we’re still fundraising to cover the various expenses associated with sending a robot and a couple non-robots to the States. Any support is greatly welcomed with our endless gratitude!
And we’re also proud to announce that we have the backing of The James Dyson Foundation who have pitched in £500 for our appearance at the pinnacle of global competitive robotics. This is immensely exciting for us and we’ll keep reaching out to other organisations as much as we can.
Let’s keep going!
What's Next?
Good question - we must now turn our focus to the 2022 UK National Championship in April and subsequently VEX Worlds at the beginning of May. There is plenty of work to be done, but we’re confident that we’ll be finished with plenty of time to practice and continue working on consistency.
Keep sharing our GoFundMe page and spreading the word!
Many thanks,
Seb Jensen and Damian Rusecki from The Lads
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Representing the UK at the 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship in Dallas, Texas. Read all about it here.

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