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The Lads @ VEX Worlds: Day 1

The Lads' Newsletter
The Lads have made it to VEX Worlds - all the way from St Helena School in Colchester! The first day was all about setting up for the competition ahead and included the opening ceremony, robot inspection, and plenty of practice.

Arriving at VEX Worlds
Having endured a 10-hour flight from Heathrow just the day before, we got to the convention centre nice and early to set up. Each team is allocated a 10 ft x 10 ft booth; we were neighbours with teams from Ireland and Kentucky. There were plenty of other teams from the UK, too.
It’s quite difficult to convey the scale of VEX Worlds - it’s massive. So it obviously takes an awfully long time to walk from one end of the centre to the other. The full event actually spans nine days, though we’ll only be present for the high school tournament (May 5-7). There’ll be plenty of teams to fit all in this one area, though!
This space is actually relatively tiny - the whole site is at least six times the size!
This space is actually relatively tiny - the whole site is at least six times the size!
Parade of Nations
We got settled quickly so that Damian and I could participate in the opening ceremony for the high school event. It begins with the Parade of Nations where every participating country is represented by a handful of students.
This was pretty exciting stuff! The arena was absolutely full.
The United Kingdom in the Parade of Nations
The United Kingdom in the Parade of Nations
The UK Parade of Nations team
The UK Parade of Nations team
The Rest of the Day
After the opening ceremony we headed back to our pit area to work on a few improvements here and there while completing some testing on the practice fields. They need 40 full-sized game fields (at 12 ft by 12 ft each) at the event to make sure everyone has access to them.
We stuck around for the middle school finals matches and the reveal of the 2022-2023 VEX Robotics Competition game. Damian and I intend to continue volunteering at VEX events after we’re finished with Worlds.
The VEX Worlds arena
The VEX Worlds arena
Our robot on a practice field
Our robot on a practice field
Tomorrow will be a busy day for us. Official practice and qualification matches start early on. We’ve got some seriously tough competition, but we’re hoping for a good few wins.
VEX Worlds is an international robotics competition featuring the best teams from across the world. The Lads from St Helena School in Colchester are competing May 5-7. Stick around for more updates.
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The Lads
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Representing the UK at the 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship in Dallas, Texas. Read all about it here.

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