The Lads @ VEX Worlds: Day 2



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Day 2 is over and things are getting interesting! The first set of qualification matches were played today - more are in line for tomorrow, just before the event-wide elimination bracket.

How Will VEX Crown its 2022 Champions?
Before we delve into our own performance today, let’s take a look at how VEX Worlds actually works. There are just so many teams here, yet only one alliance can take home the title.
There are ten divisions at the event and each is home to roughly eighty teams. Each division has its own separate qualification matches and elimination matches in the final. So there’s action everywhere, with ten matches running at any given moment.
Tomorrow, each division will hold its own alliance selection and elimination bracket where teams will face off. Once completed only the top ten alliances will be standing and will then battle it out for the championship.
So, the competition gets whittled down from an initial ~800 teams all the way down to the two remaining teams forming the victorious alliance. The opposition is always going to be fierce!
Our Progress
Damian and I played seven qualification matches today, with these determining the rankings in time for alliance selection tomorrow. So far our record stands at three wins and four losses, though we’re looking to continue climbing the rankings tomorrow.
There’s been no shortage of ups and downs with all the exhilarating wins and spontaneous difficulties affecting either us or our alliance partner. For example, one team’s robot we played with snapped mid-match - it was unable to score much for the remainder of it. VEX Worlds was never going to be easy!
Winning is such a great feeling, especially on the global stage. It’s so exciting being able to represent the UK here at the 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship.
Tomorrow we have to play three more qualification matches. Hopefully, we’ll find ourselves in the eliminations with an alliance partner. Otherwise, we’ll be out of the competition, though we’ll still be able to cheer on our other UK friends participating in other divisions.
We’ve made some solid progress in terms of additions to the robot and programming. We hope this will all pay off tomorrow. Stay tuned.
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The Lads
The Lads @sthrobotics

Representing the UK at the 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship in Dallas, Texas. Read all about it here.

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